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Need a blog editorial calendar for 2018? 
Why not consider the CREATE PLANNER?

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The Blog & Editorial Calendar You Can't Afford To Miss!

​A planning and editorial system designed for ambitious bloggers and Solopreneurs to ​Create Intentional Content, Grow and Nurture an Audience, AND Build a Business Around Your Blog

Do you feel overwhelmed with the million things you need to do for your blog and business?

Do you feel so terribly disorganized with planning your content, scheduling your emails, tracking and analyzing what's working and what's not?

And what about all those products you want to create like ebooks and courses and workshops that never see the light of day?

You're not alone, my friend! Navigating everything you need to do and know to build a blog and business can be challenging and overwhelming.

As a full-time blogger, I found myself straddling a notebook for daily tasks , a huge desk calendar for promotions and launches, tracking my analytics in one and planning my content in another. It was confusing and down right frustrating.

After working with several clients and readers,  I realized that most bloggers and solopreneurs had the same struggles. They also had no clue what to focus on first. 

That got me thinking...

What if you could have an editorial & blog planner that not only helps you plan your content but helps you track your best performing posts, subject lines and content upgrades...

What if it puts the right questions in front of you at that time? Questions that would help you understand your audience better....Questions that nudge you to take actions...to rethink your strategy....

And rather than black pages with tables and lines, it would give you tips and prompts to hand-hold you through the months and quarters...

It would also give you space to write! Not those tiny boxes where you can't squeeze in a decent sized sentence!

I tested at least eight planners hoping to find the right one. Something that would merge goal planning and content planning...

But nothing quite worked. 

So I did the next best thing. ​

A search for all those answers led me to create this planner. 

Introducing the CREATE Planner

The CREATE Planner combines everything I’ve learnt from working with my clients as well as how I plan my own year – meshing content with strategy and purpose.

This planner is for you if you’re ready to create a plan for your blog, hold yourself accountable, track your progress and make major strides in your blog and business.

A snapshot of what's inside this blog and editorial planner

Editorial Planning

Create intentional content by planning your calendar with your goals for the month and quarter

Growth Review and Tracking 

Track ​not just your social stats but email metrics and content types to determine what draws your audience to you.

Plan Your Year at a Glance

Map your projects to end goals to see what will give you the best results

5-Step Planning Process

​Tie your the stage of your blog and business with your tasks and goals for maximum returns. 

4 Major Blogging Tasks

Manage your stress and avoid burn-out by planning your days and weeks using 4 main tasks 

How the CREATE Planner Is Structured

With this planner, you’ll see the big picture as well as zoom in and plan your blog at the granular level.

You have an overview of your entire plan for the year with spaces to lock in huge projects and important dates.

You also have pages for each month where you work on content, email and detailed tasks.

If you prefer an overview of the month in a two-page calendar, you have that too. The order of how you fill these in depends on how you like to plan.

It’s YOUR planner and YOU decide how you want to use it.

The planner introduces you to two main concepts which have helped skyrocket the growth of my blog in a single year - The 5 step planning process and 4 main blogging tasks.

With these two concepts, you’ll chart a content and email strategy that gels with your business and blogging goals. Every decision you make with your blog will be calculated and intentional.​

This 246-page CREATE planner is undated, designed to be picked up at any time of the year and has plenty of space to hold your creative thoughts, ideas and scribbles.

Don’t let another month slip by, where you miss the opportunity to connect with your audience and profit from your passion.

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I’m Meera Kothand, mom + freelance writer turned email marketing specialist and solopreneur.

My speciality? I simplify marketing strategy for bloggers and solopreneurs like you, so that you can create authentic blogs and businesses minus the sleaze to build an unignorable, stand out online presence. And I do it with no-fluff, direct and actionable advice to rid you of the frustration and overwhelm.

My tips on email marketing and blogging have been featured on Marketing Profs, Addicted 2 Success, YFS, Smart blogger, Successful Blogging and several other sites.​