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The Blog & Biz Launch Book You Don't Want to

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Time- & Insanity-saving system that helps ambitious solopreneurs like you to get organised and experience idea breakthroughs as you set up your blog and business online

What if you had the keys to a
work-smarter-not-harder system & launch your online business
WITHOUT a $2,000+ blogging education?


The CREATE Blog & Biz Launch Book is a companion to the wildly popular CREATE One-Year Blog & Editorial Planner and CREATE An Intensive Biz Playbook & Planner for Solopreneurs.

This launch book is for entrepreneurs wanting to build a personal brand around their content—entrepreneurs who want to serve their audience via coaching, digital products, or services.

Maybe you already have a blog and online business and think it’s a lost cause after the hours you’ve put, or maybe you’ve been toying with the idea of launching one but still have nothing to show for it. The CREATE Blog & Biz Launch Book has your back and will give you newfound optimism and confidence as you embark on your journey.

This book combines a launch and goal tracker; a content, email & visibility strategy planner; an  expense management planner; and so much more into one incredible business-changing book. Spend less time spinning your wheels and more time focusing on the stuff that REALLY matters—tasks that move the needle.

You’ll get over 150 pages of EVERYTHING YOU NEED (training, templates, strategy, and more) to launch your blog and online business and turn it into a dependable revenue stream.

Brainstorm. Plan. CREATE.


Your Strategic Blog Launch Plan

How to create the plan and my answer to the question “How much content do you need before launching?”

Your Lucrative Niche

The five-level niche identification process will make it as easy as
 1-2-3 to derive and validate niche ideas

Nail Email Marketing

Nail email marketing from Day One with templates, strategy in a nutshell, and a Launch Your List checklist that walks you step by step through building a magnetizing email list. 

4 Critical Website Pages

Not all website pages are created equal. Nail these four critical pages and weave social proof into your web copy. 

Get Attention as a New Voice

Discover this often-missed element in any online blog business launch plan: learn how to get attention as a new voice in the online space and how to prime your digital presence.

Get Your Content Right

How to get content right from Day One. Integrate SEO, make writing and reading your content a delightful experience with cheat sheets, and discover a template that cuts content creation time in half.

Now on Amazon!


Meera is an author and speaker who specializes in making marketing your online business ridiculously simple. She’s got seven books on the Amazon Best-Sellers list including One Hour Content Plan, and The Blog Startup. She’s also the founder of MeeraKothand.Com, an award-winning site listed in the top 100 Sites for Solopreneurs three years in a row.

Over the years, she has developed a reputation for making complex topics simple and smashing misconceptions about what you HAVE to do in order to be successful in business. Through her best-selling books and marketing courses, Meera has taught over 80,000 students and readers, giving them the confidence to build a community that’s obsessed with everything they offer.