The Biz Playbook You Can't Afford To Miss!

An intensive biz playbook & planner for solopreneurs
so that you can scale your online business, create explosive growth and build a brand you crave.

What do you do as the year comes to a close or at the beginning of a 6-month cycle...

You plan...

You create goals...you pledge to do better...

Maybe you think about starting new businesses when you lose momentum for the current one or when sales start to tank...

Maybe you switch your focus to creating new offers when the current ones don't get the results you're looking for...

But what you fail to do is reflect on what got you there in the first place.

What is it about the foundation or the roots or the soil that needs to be changed so that you get different results?  How can you not fall into repeated feast or famine cycles of revenue highs and lows with no end in sight?

You can’t replicate your success or know where your business needs to go unless you review and analyze what your current state is.

You need to look beneath the surface to see what’s working and what isn’t because you can’t solve a problem you don’t know exists.

You need a process that helps you reflect, reframe, and realign different aspects of your business before you make space for completely new opportunities. You need to dig deeper.

As someone who longed for a process that would allow me to analyze different aspects of my business, I turned to the business workbooks and business planners in the market.

Yet, none of them scratched the surface. They all stuck to raising surface-level questions on how much revenue I made and what I intended to make in the next year...

Nothing that allowed me to dig deeper. 

I saw the same desperation and struggles from several readers...

But think about it...

What if you could have access to a process that allows you to do a complete analysis of your business...

What if it puts the right questions in front of you at that time?

Questions that would help you understand your audience better....Questions that nudge you to take actions...to rethink your strategy....

The questions will not be the typical questions raised in other business planners. You will not just find “How much did this product make this year?” or “How much did you grow your community?” type of questions.... 

The questions raised will shed a whole new light on your business and where you need to go. Because only when you consider the tough questions will you be able to design a business that embraces your zone of genius.

But that's not all...what if you are also presented with prompts and suggestions every step of the way.

Think of it as an exercise with your business coach... 

A search for that process let me to create this Playbook and Planner.  

Introducing the CREATE Intensive Biz Playbook

How the CREATE Intensive Playbook Is Structured

The CREATE Intensive Playbook is structured into 7 different business areas. In each area, you will follow a four-part process: 

Review (Where you are and what’s already working) – Analyze (Where you need to be) – Reframe and Realign (Where you need to go) – Act (What can you do today and what steps you need to take to make the biggest impact)

Your Vision

How to uncover pitfalls and traps that solopreneurs fall into when defining visions

Your Zone of Genius

How to define what operating in your zone of genius is and the quiz that will tell you if you are

Your Marketing Mix

How to make your marketing efforts evergreen so that you can automate more and have less on your plate

Your Digital Presence

Analyze your digital footprint and how that ties into your marketing system

Your Offers (Products & Services)

How to polish, refine and relaunch your existing gold mines of offers

Your Revenue & Income Plan

How to avoid the feast and famine trap that businesses fall into and unique ways to increase your number of revenue streams

Your Goals

How to create a plan of action and align it with your goals and marketing plan

This 160-page CREATE Biz Playbook is designed to be picked up at any time of the year. You can use it as an end of year business retreat exercise to reflect and reorganize, a mid-year declutter-your-biz exercise, or simply because you need a surge of inspiration.

But unlike other planners and workbooks that ask surface level questions, CREATE will help you dig deeper into your business. You’ll explore alternate revenue streams, create an income plan, and even analyze your digital footprint.

Yet, you’ll never feel lost because of the prompts and suggestions you’ll be presented with every step of the way. CREATE will hand-hold you through the process as you consider the tough questions that will enable you to design a business that embraces your zone of genius.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll uncover with CREATE:

  • How to visualize and create your own powerful 4-step marketing funnel that seamlessly moves your subscriber through his or her buying journey.
  • WHY you’re probably sitting on gold mines of existing offers (and WHAT you need to do to polish, refine & relaunch them)
  • How to avoid the feast or famine trap that businesses fall into
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    How to create an income plan for your business TODAY with real numbers you can track (it’s not rocket science. Neither is it scary!)
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    My 4-part process that gives your business a 360 deep dive into 7 critical areas
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    Discover 2 unique ways to increase the number of revenue streams WITHOUT adding a new one
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    The 5 types of people who come into contact with your business and brand (and why you need all 5 of them!)
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    And more…

Meera Kothand

Meera Kothand is an email marketing strategist, 3X Amazon best-selling author of the books The One Hour Content Plan, Your First 100, But I'm not an Expert! & founder of CREATE Planners.

Her goal is to make powerful marketing strategies simple and relatable so that solopreneurs and small business owners can build a tribe that’s addicted to their zone of genius. She has been featured on Smart Blogger, MarketingProfs, YFS Magazine, Addicted2Success, and several other sites.